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Late night Gilmore Girls has made me reminisce about my Europe trip.  11 weeks.  $1200 or thereabouts.  22 years old.  A 30 pound pack with the bare essentials.  I was in such amazing shape by the end of the summer after hauling that thing around!  Limerick, the Aran Islands, Dingle, Dunquin, Castlegregory, other points in Kerry , Dublin, Castledermot, Dinan, Cap Frehel, Rennes, Bourdeaux, Nimes, Arles, Avignon, Girona, Cuenca, Morella, Caceres, Trujillo, Arcos de la Ventura, Sevilla, Granada and Malaga.  Will I ever do anything like that again?  I hope so.  But when?

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  1. becca

    OMG, $1200? I was all about the $50/day budget, but even then I had a few budget busters for transportation and thought that was tough to maintain. That’s $10/day! How did you eat?

  2. becca

    (To be fair, totally could do that in southeast Asia – barely spent $30/day when I wasn’t even trying to save money and splurged on everything.) Where did you stay + eat for $10/day? I can’t figure this out.

  3. admin Post author

    Actually, it’s $16 a day. There were two major factors that made it work. First, I mostly stayed with relatives and family for the first 3 weeks in Ireland. I didn’t have to pay for anything really – food or accommodation. (We did do a little travelling, but not much.) Therefore, it worked out to about $20 a day.

    And to make that work, we stayed two to three nights in every location to cut down on travel costs. No Euro-rail pass or anything like that (too expensive). We didn’t eat out AT ALL until the last week or two. Stayed in the cheapest accommodation available in most places no matter how sketchy – some places cost $6 a night or less.

    I actually accounted for every single cent I spent in a journal. And I do mean EVERY cent. If I’m feeling inspired, maybe I’ll share a week’s worth of spending sometime.

    Karen and I spent a few days together, and I remember her being a bit irritated when I practically had a nervous breakdown when she wanted to buy pre-made salad or something like that in the grocery store. 🙂

  4. becca

    Its funny – my backpacking trip actually has an accounting of all my spending, it would be interesting to compare, I kept it in my daily journal – but down to the $, not the penny. But most of the places we stayed were $10-15/night so that would have broken your bank. We also had “money” discussions, because I wanted to stay in cheaper hostels but a couple folks that were traveling with me wanted private-y couples rooms. I know Cari camped when she backpacked, that would be another way to cut back, but has its own problems…

  5. admin Post author

    I’ll write it up one of these days.

    $10 / day definitely does not break the bank – as noted below, I had $15 to $20 a day. You can easily get a day’s food from the grocery store for $5. We practically lived on baguettes and bread in general, and a baguette is less than $1 in France (at the time).

    Prices have gone WAY up since then.

  6. admin Post author

    The other thing, Becca, is if memory serves, you went to larger cities which tend to me more expensive. I stayed with relatives or friends in the only large cities I stayed overnight in (Dublin, Paris) except Seville.

    Also, I think you traveled further. It’s much cheaper to hobnob around France for a month with the 12/25 pass than to EuroRail it all over Europe in the same amount of time.

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