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a scary moment

Today, L choked on some orange at the table.  I honestly don’t completely know exactly what happened, even though I was sitting right next to her.  I noticed her start kicking her legs, she was making a sound every few seconds, so I don’t know if she was choking and then managed to breathe again…


Quilt #3

Quilt number three is a present for a friend having a baby boy this December in Texas.  I followed this pattern (blog), which was very well written and easy to follow and also free. I made the quilt exactly as described in the pattern, except I used the blue fabric line rather than the pink.  Both…

thinking about Ferguson

I will never forget Ferguson.  I spent about 20 minutes of my 90 minute labor listening to coverage outside the birth center. I get pretty infuriated about excessive police force, especially when it results in severe injury or death.  If you follow the news, you know SPD was investigated by the DOJ for discriminatory policing….


backpacking memories

Late night Gilmore Girls has made me reminisce about my Europe trip.  11 weeks.  $1200 or thereabouts.  22 years old.  A 30 pound pack with the bare essentials.  I was in such amazing shape by the end of the summer after hauling that thing around!  Limerick, the Aran Islands, Dingle, Dunquin, Castlegregory, other points in…


Briony’s Quilt

I finished sewing the binding onto Briony’s quilt yesterday and washed it this morning.  I read somewhere that a quilt always looks better after washing, and in this case, I concur.  It also brought out that wonderful wooly smell. My spirals look wonky up close, but fine from a distance.  Overall, I like the effect….


more quiltspiration

I’ve been interested in two types of quilts in my late night quilt wanderings lately.  (B woke up every two to three hours last night, so I had plenty of chances to look.)  I’m looking at these quilts with an eye to something I might be able to make myself. First, I really like flying…