We have warm rain today – warm by Seattle standards anyway.  It’s 60 and rainy.  Usually it’s 50s or colder when it rains here.  Anyway, I’m loving it.  I wish it would stay 60 and rainy indefinitely.  It satisfies my inner pregnancy vampire.   Sadly it’s supposed to get back into the low 80s with sun next week.

We’ve finally scheduled a moving date – Sunday is the day.  It’s oddly sad to be moving out of our old house.  B and I lived together for the first time in that house.  We started our marriage there.  We brought our baby home to that house, and she took her first steps there, smiled her first smile, rolled over, and just Sunday, jumped for the first time.

Before moving in in July 2006, I wrote this:

I sign on my house at 9. I’m actually not that nervous anymore. I think the hardest bits are done. I’ve seen the HUD statement, and it looks fine. I will get the keys tonight or tomorrow, and then I can move in. Yippee. No more driving, no more noisy neighbors, and I can start gardening.

My next blog entry, I wrote this:

At 8:20 this morning, I was eating breakfast in my new kitchen (Weetabix, yum). At 8:30 this morning, I was checking my e-mail at work. I love my new commute.

My new house is also quiet, cold and dark. Good old Seattle. I was tempted to figure out how to use my heat this morning. I think it was so cool because all the window coverings have been shut, keeping the sun out.

Nothing earthshaking, to be sure.   I’ve been blogging for so long now, but the vast majority of it is so superficial.

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