I’ve been holding back on doing baby shopping until we move.  Now that we’re moving soon, I can start shopping.  Yippee!  We really need very little – some diapers, some breastfeeding supplies (cream, maybe some new pads) and not much else.  I can only think of three significant purchases – double stroller, double jogging stroller, and new dresser.

Isla has a crib and a dresser from Baby Cache in natural colored wood.  I am really into light colors in terms of wood these days.  I used to like dark colors – cherry and whatnot – but these days, I’m all about the light.  Anyway, here are some pictures of her current furniture:



The dresser is available on Amazon, and I’m thinking of buying a second one.  It doubles as a changing table and has worked quite well for us.  However, I’m also inclined to consider a more upright dresser, since we only need one changing table, perhaps one like this:

Baby Cache Kensington 5-Drawer Dresser - Natural - Baby Cache  - Babies"R"Us

The color looks a bit different, but it’s very hard to tell how different it really is.  It’s currently on sale for 25% off at BabiesRUs, so it’s tempting.  It has more space than the dresser Isla has now, and it’ll take up less wall space.

Interestingly, my sister and I shared a dresser our entire childhood, so maybe I should just be more efficient in our use of space!  Do I really need a whole dresser per child?  It does seem ridiculous.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having this dresser for myself.  I still have my childhood dresser, which is a little worse for the wear.

Item #2 is a double stroller.  I’d like to get a tandem stroller.  It should fully recline and thus be compatible with newborns.  I was interested in the Britax B-Ready.  We currently have a Britax B-Agile and it’s been great.  The B-Agile, however, does not have a tandem option.

Child Seat

The problem is that the bucket seat shown does not lie flat.  Therefore, you end up having to buy the bassinet.  The stroller itself is $375.  The second seat is $120.  And the bassinet is $120.  That’s a total of $615.  Given that I paid less than $200 for my B-Agile, this seems like quite a lot.  I’d only need the bassinet for a short time and could probably sell it, but still.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a tandem stroller?

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  1. Daniel

    Look at an Uppa Vista stroller: http://uppababy.com/vista/overview/

    The bassinet comes with the stroller which is not cheap. We used the kick board for Henry, and we found it was enough to give him a lift. There were a few times were could have used a full seat, but we managed. We tried the rumble seat in a store and it seemed nice.

  2. Sarah

    Emma has a 6-drawer dresser similar to that and we really only use 4 drawers right now…and it literally just occurred to me that I should use the 2 extra drawers for toy storage. Ooh. I like that idea.

    Can’t really help on the stroller. We have a BOB, and I know they make a double BOB. For babies, you can buy an adapter that lets you put the car seat into the BOB. I was able to borrow the adapter from my friend for the time we needed it, and it worked well.

  3. admin Post author

    The Uppababy Vista is $730 without the rumble seat. $830 with it. I guess I’d rather save the money and buy a lens. 🙂

    The double Bob is HUGE. Have you seen them?

    I was looking at the double B-Agile, and I think that might end up being the best option. It’s only 4 inches wider than the B Ready, and it’s only $370. It is also lighter than the other options.

  4. admin Post author

    Wow, that is actually a very good price. I have noticed in reading reviews that older reviews cite a list price of $550 or so, versus $750 today, so they have definitely been cranking the price up.

    We do have an Uppababy G-Lite umbrella stroller, also pricey (for an umbrella stroller), and we love it.

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