It’s hot here right now.  Way too hot.  The predicted high today is 90.  Tomorrow?  90.  The next day?  91.  Then 93.  Then 91.  Seriously?

A week or two ago, I was sitting on the couch feeling sick, watching L play.  I often feel sick these days, so I didn’t think much of it.  However, I noticed that it had cooled down outside, so I opened all the doors and windows.  The indoor temperature cooled from 78 to 72, and ten minutes later, I felt great.  Normal.  Healthy.  So really, anything above low 70s does not agree with me right now.

Add to this stress over closing on the house, moving, lots and lots of pressure at work, and taking care of a toddler, and I am a bit of a basket case right now.  At work, I’m having to do some testing that means I am not in A/C, and I have to move around a lot.  Not good.  And yesterday was a classic Terrible Twos day.  L is normally really good, but yesterday was just not a good day for her.  She start off throwing an hour+ duration temper tantrum.  Just lots and lots of screaming and crying.  Then, she passed out for more than three hours.  I literally cannot remember the last time she napped in the morning, and I can’t figure out why she was so tired.  It worries me a little, actually.  She woke up and was OK for two or three hours, long enough for lunch and a trip to the doctor for me (with her).  Then we headed up to our new house to get the keys, and she was just increasingly cranky.  We went out for dinner, couldn’t find a place with A/C and were roasting in this Thai place.  (We don’t really know the restaurants that are near our new house.)  L was basically being the obnoxious toddler.  She is normally really good at restaurants.  With the heat, I was feeling terrible.  It was a pretty unpleasant meal.  I was so happy to get home afterwards.

Anyway.  5 more weeks or work.  5 days of sweltering heat.  One day at a time.