sick again

After a blissful week of relative health, L passed on a rather nasty cold, which of course became all the more nasty after four straight nights of L-induced sleep deprivation.  Ah, the glamorous life of a pregnant mom of a toddler!  Once again, I’m starting to feel better, and am now 15.5 glorious weeks pregnant.  How I love progress!  I am still suffering from mild morning sickness, but it is vastly improved, and I’m presently weaning myself off the B6.  The only hitch is that I’m super-congested and trying to cough it up is really hard given my still super-sensitive gag reflex.  There’s a fine line between coughing and puking which I’ve barely managed not to cross over.  L suffered more while sick than I did, with a rather nasty cough and a fever that went as high as 103.  However, she is also on the mend and doing quite well today.  I hate seeing the poor thing sick, but it is that or isolation at this age.

I have been interviewing nannies.  N is due in a month, and I thought I had time, but she’s been having lots of contractions, and her doctor has told her she may come any day.  It has actually turned out to be easier this time around, perhaps because I’ve done it before, but also perhaps because we are hiring immediately.  People applying for this type of job generally do not want to sit around for a month waiting for it to start, and I’ve gotten great response when I ask people can they start immediately if N’s labor were to begin early.  We have several promising candidates.  Hopefully at least one will pan out.   I am also looking into the local daycare which most of my work colleagues use.  It honestly did not impress me last time I saw it.  Just as Ke.nt is lacking in good schools, nice grocery stores, and any other upper-end amenity you can possibly think of, is also not overburdened with excellent daycares.

It has just occurred to me that Ke.nt is a bit like Hous.ton.  Just as my friends in Hous.ton complain about having to live there in order to work for, so do employees at my company complain endlessly about having to either live in Ke.nt or commute from nicer areas to Ke.nt.  Some people complain about the Pac NW, but the majority opinion is that it, and Sea.ttle are great places to live.  However, Ke.nt rarely receives a kind word.  I know I will miss its finer points – the many uncrowded parks and trails, for example.  (People in places like Belle.vue are really into walking and going to the park.  Not so here.  Ke.nt has lots of parks and they are generally fairly empty, relatively speaking, which is pleasant.  No competition for the swings.  Sometimes I will not see a single soul on the running trail.  In Belle.vue, you will find yourself having to maneuver around all manner of runners, joggers, baby strollers, dogs, and so on.)

5 thoughts on “sick again

  1. Sarah

    The thing we all bemoan about acoustic is its lack of physical beauty and temperate weather. But fortunately we dint have to worry about schools, lack of amenities, etc in the Clear Lake area. It’s a pretty nice suburb…just wish it was in a different place. 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, understood. I guess the only similarity is living in a place you’re not wild about because of the job. But I think you and Becca have both warmed to Houston over the years.

  3. Sarah

    That’s definitely true, I am more attached to Houston now than I used to be thanks to friends, family (in Corpus, at least), and activities. We do have friends move away from time to time, and I always wonder if we might at some point. Still, every time we’ve thought about it, the advantages of being here like the ones listed above, plus low cost of living, relatively high pay, and a TON of schedule flexibility allowed by our jobs…if we ever do leave, it will be a tough call.

  4. Becca

    I am far less attached to Houston than I used to be. Far less. I have done whatever the opposite of warming to it is. When I first came here I could appreciate the cheap housing, for instance, now, my attitude, is “well you get what you pay for”. Its less for less. I can see the benefits to a family with the good school systems, reasonably priced day care, good state university system, etc. But there are substantial cultural downsides for anyone with liberal notions raising their children here too.

    You mentioned a lot of colleagues with their children in day care. If anyone had time (yeah right) maybe looking into forming a company day care co-op could be an option…

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