Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

vacation 2014

Well, I just finished booking the flight and hotel portion of our vacation.  We didn’t really take a vacation last year, just a trip to visit family, which, while enjoyable, was a survival effort as much as anything else.  Taking a 14 month old from Seattle to NYC and then by train to Richmond and then back via multiple flights to Seattle is not exactly relaxing.  We will be flying direct to Maui and staying at the Four Seasons.  We’ll stay in their cheapest room type (no water view), but we’ll get to enjoy all the amenities that comes with staying at a top of the line resort.  By booking through a “preferred” travel agent, we get a free breakfast, which at Four Seasons, is no joke.  I’m excited – nervous about the trip – but very excited.

Pregnancy for me is kind of like an illness – a more severe illness at the beginning, and a more mild illness in the second tri, but still an illness.  I know this time around that I won’t be like my normal self on our trip.  But I’m pretty sure that won’t stop us from having a really good time.  We booked a slightly shorter trip this time – 7 nights instead of 10 – which I think is still a good length of time.