growing up

I am still unbelievably congested.  I think I feel worse today than yesterday, which probably has a lot to do with working all day.  The man I sit next to was home today, presumably with the same illness.  I feel bad.  I hate people who come into work and get me sick, and I probably did it to him!

Anyway.  L has added two new words to her vocabulary – “Uh oh!” and “Agua (water).”  She says Uh oh at every opportunity, and we drop and spill a lot of things these days, so there are plenty of opportunities.  She also seems to have an insatiable thirst these days and asks for “agua” a lot.  (N is a native Spanish speaker and speaks to L in Spanish regularly.)  I love it when L learns new words!  It is just music to my ears.  A lot of 18 month olds start to combine two words into phrases, but if we could just make it to ten words, I’d be ecstatic.  We’ve got mama, dada, uh oh, dog / da ga (sometimes), nana (banana), up, and agua.  There are a couple words she used to say and doesn’t any more, but I think these are the only current ones.  Still, considering she had maybe one word at 15 months, we’re definitely making progress.

L has also gotten pretty good at using her shape sorter recently.  She’s figured out how to match the color of the block with the color of the panel she’s supposed to put the block through.  She’s very good with circles, hexagons and squares, which are relatively easy since there are lots of ways to fit them through the holes.  She has a harder time with the semicircle and the rhombus since they only fit through one way.

Lately, L has also gotten super acrobatic.  We were at the park the other day and she just starts hanging by her arms off the side of the play structure, feet dangling in the air.  I couldn’t believe it!  She certainly didn’t get any upper body strength from either of her parents.