feeling truly awful

It is really quite amazing how poorly a cold can make you feel.  I started feeling truly miserable today at around 11 am and finally left work at around 2:30.  We don’t have sick leave, just paid time off which can be used either for vacation or sick time.  We’re also not really supposed to work from home.  As a result, I’m very motivated to go to work.  I wonder how many co-workers I infected before I finally gave up and went home?

It’s 5 pm now, and I still feel truly awful, though lying on my back in bed watching Netflix is a nicer way to feel awful than sitting in meetings.  L seems to be feeling a bit better, thankfully.

One thought on “feeling truly awful

  1. becca

    I have had a very sick year myself. Since my Christmas flu, I’ve had multiple colds, I think my immune system is just wrecked. Now I have a persistent cough that I really need to see a doctor about. Sigh.

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