a day in my life

Inspired by Sarah, I decided to document a day in my life.

7:00 am: L wakes up, and so do I.  It’s Friday, so L is my alarm clock.  B has already been up working for an hour.  I open the curtains and give L a couple books to entertain herself while I brush my teeth.  Then I nurse her for half an hour or so.

7:40 am: I take L into her room to get her dressed for the day.  She requests pigtails, and I comply.

8:00 am: We head to the kitchen for breakfast.  B joins us.

8:30 am: We head back to the bedroom and I get a shower and get dressed.  L entertains herself looking at her books.

9 am: We hang out in the living room and play for a while.

10 am:  We head to the library.  It’s ridiculously hot today, and I want to go somewhere with air conditioning.  I return about 10 books, and check out 10 more, half for L and half for me.  I enjoy browsing the children’s books, modern paperbacks, and the knitting / craft books.  I settle on some paperbacks for me, some nice picture books for L, and books on making stuffed animals from recycled old clothes for me.

11:15: We head home.  L naps a bit in the car, and I let her sleep there another 15 or 20 minutes while I chill out and read a bit on the couch.

12 pm:  Back home, and it’s time for lunch!  Soft-boiled egg, orange and avocado with a bit of ham on the side.  Yum.

1 pm:  Bath time.

2 pm: Entertain L around the house.  Try to work up the ambition to go out in the blazing heat.  House is getting hotter, so decide I’d be better off in the air conditioned car at least.

2:45 pm: Head to spray park in downtown K.ent.

4:45 pm: Drive home.  L falls asleep in the car.  Take her inside and let her nap on the bed until 5:15.  Regret this later big time.  (Our normal rule is no napping after 4 pm.)

5:45 pm: B gets off work.  I order our usual Friday night Papa John’s $6 special (large one-topping) pizza.  B takes L to go pick it up.  I sit on the couch, knit and watch Brothers and Sisters.

6:05 pm:  Dinner

6:45 pm:  Finish dinner.  Go relax in bedroom while B takes L.  House is now a stifling 85 or so degrees.

7:15 pm:  Take over for B until L’s bedtime at 8 pm.  Do some weeding and watering of my hydrangeas and hostas in the backyard while L crawls alternately reads and crawls around the backyard.

8:15 pm: Start the bedtime routine.  Thanks to her late nap or perhaps the steamy conditions indoors, L is impossible to get to sleep.  Feel like I’m in the 5th circle of hell in the the broiling conditions of the bedroom, since holding L seems to increase the temperature another 10 degrees.  Finally get L to sleep at around 9:35 pm.  (Normally, she’s down by 8:45 or 9 pm.)

9:35 pm  Settle down to a much-deserved glass of wine, sparkling water, and my knitting.  Relax, knit, watch Battlestar Galactica and talk to B.

11:15 pm: Retire to the bedroom


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