Daily Archives: June 13, 2013

monkey bars

I love Fridays.  I love Thursday nights as well.  Having a three-day weekend rocks my world, even if taking care of L is not completely a day off.

We are having wonderful weather lately.  The lack of rain is bad for all my shade-loving plants, but otherwise, it is fabulous.  It’s not too hot, so our lack of A/C isn’t a problem.  L and I headed to the park tonight, as we often do.  I was thinking the other day that there are many things I love about my house.  I love that it is at the very end of a cul-de-sac so L can play in the street without any worries.  I love that it is within a quarter mile of not one but two playgrounds.  They are very modest playgrounds, not too exciting for an older child, but they are definitely fun for a one-year-old.  One of them is at a park, and the other is at the elementary school.  We usually go to the elementary school one.  Sometimes we have it to ourselves, and other times there are neighborhood kids there.  It’s good either way.   L walked around a little on her own, but though she is clearly capable of it, she is still not really a fan of walking.  In fact, lately she is often a fan of being carried.  As B likes to say, she is her own person.  I like trying to swing from bar to bar on the monkey bars at the playground if there are not other adults around.  (I don’t care if there are kids.)  I figure it’s good for my upper body strength and L finds it amusing.  It is harder than I remember from childhood.