first steps

L finally took her first knowing steps on the 6th.  A couple days later, she walked about 50 meters without assistance, a feat she’s repeated  a couple times since.  She was motivated the first time by the mini-bulldozer our neighbor had rented.  She wanted to take a look.  She’s been really into construction sites, buses, and emergency vehicles ever since our trip to NYC – all three were in abundance there.  She still flat out refuses to stand on her own (except when she’s just stopped walking), though I think it’s clear she’s capable of it at this point.

We went on our first canoeing trip as a family this weekend.  We kept it brief – just 35 minutes or so on the water, but it was very pleasant.  We saw a few great blue herons, geese, and some baby ducks.  L was very good and was almost lulled to sleep by the rocking of the boat.

Things are not always all smiles!  This is a typical reaction to not getting her way.  I try to be laid back about it.

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  1. cari

    I may not have one of my own, but between plenty of friends with toddlers and my own experiences babysitting, I’d say that her reaction falls well within the normal range for a toddler not getting her way. 🙂

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