kevin’s sweater

After just over a year, I finally finished Kevin’s sweater.  An Aran sweater is always a major undertaking.  I’ve knit several.

The first went to my ex-boyfriend John.  I have mixed feelings about this given that we are no longer in touch.  I hope that someone is getting use out of the sweater.

The second sweater I kept for myself.  I knit this one with large needles, and it’s a cardigan.  I probably like it least of the sweaters I’ve made.

Knitting is definitely something you become better at with time.  The next sweater I knit turned out to be bigger than I intended, and so it didn’t really fit me.  However, fortunately, it more or less fits my Mom.  It’s just a little big on her.  The colors are not suitable for a man, which is a pity, since it fits B very well.  I absolutely love the colors in this yarn (which I also used to make a blanket for Henry), but the yarn was really too stretchy for an Aran.

The next sweater I knit I kept for myself.  It was probably the most difficult sweater I’ve made.  It turned out well, but I wish I’d made it a bit longer.

The sweater I just finished may be my favorite one yet.  I love the color of the yarn, and the pattern is gorgeous.  I’d been wanting to make it for ages.  It fits B well, maybe a little big, so I really hope it fits my brother.  He is 6’4″, and I just hope the sleeves are long enough.  Fingers crossed.



I am a little burned out as always after finishing a major project.  I plan to stick to baby knits for a while and wait at least a year before starting on another major knitting project, maybe longer.  In the meantime, I will first try and finish this sweater which I started a long time ago for L:

In the distant future, the Aran sweater I plan to do is this one:





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  1. Sarah

    Very nice! I have two wool sweaters — one that I bought in Scotland and one from Peru. I think I’ve worn each one maybe twice. Never gets cold enough. 🙁

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