what L is up to

L finally figured out how to put the little wood blocks on her stacker today.  We’d had the stacker outside her play area for a while (as I try to rotate her toys), and I brought it out today, and she just started putting the blocks on.   She’s still not coordinated enough to do the bigger pieces, but she handles the little ones no problem.  It’s so interesting to me how she can just all of a sudden gain the capability to do this or that.

L has also gotten better at stacking blocks.  She can usually stack 3 blocks consistently and 4 or 5 when she’s lucky.  She also figured out not to try and stack on “funny-shaped” blocks.  I am excited about this because I love playing with blocks and I’m hoping L gives me an excuse to buy more. 😉

Eating is just ridiculously messy these days.  L insists on trying to feed herself with a spoon, but she doesn’t understand that she’s shouldn’t turn it upside down, so it gets upended on basically every spoonful.  Yup.  Then, she’ll rub the spoon in her hair.   She also likes drinking out of my glass, and prefers to do it herself.  About 50% of the time, she’s successful.  The other 50% of the time, she’s either chokes herself on the water or dumps it all over herself.

Our book-reading dynamic has changed a bit.  These days, L does not usually have the patience for us to read through an entire page of a book.  We speed-read, but unless there’s very little text, she flips the page before we get through it.  However, she has become more interactive.  Her favorite book is called Horse, and she enjoys pointing (upon request) to the horse on every page.  In general, she likes pointing to pictures of various animals (cats, dogs and horses mostly) upon request and noses and eyes and so on.

She is still not walking on her own, but she LOVES to walk while we hold her hands.  We have walked probably as much as 3/4 of a mile like this.  B and I do not love it quite as much, as it is a back-killer.  We both are looking forward to the time when she’ll walk just holding one hand instead of two.  L is also really into walking up and down steps – while safely holding onto our hands, of course.  She has stood up for brief periods without assistance but does not like to.  Our L is definitely cautious.


2 thoughts on “what L is up to

  1. Sarah

    So cute!

    Emma, on the other hand, is not cautious enough. She would’ve swan-dived head first off the couch or the changing table dozens of times by now if she didn’t have us to stop her.

  2. Jennifer

    Isla has unfortunately fallen off the bed and couch a few times each. She just fell off the bed for the first time in many months today. *sigh*

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