I think the woman who “ran” a marathon at 37 weeks pregnant is fabulous. She actually only ran half of it and walked the second half, completing the course in 6.5 hours. Her PR is faster than 3:30, meaning that 6:30 is VERY slow for her – pretty much a walk in the park so to speak. What really bugs me is the number of people all over the internet calling her selfish and irresponsible, etc., etc. Which is worse – being in amazing shape and completing 26 miles at a very leisurely pace with doctor’s permission, or being massively out of shape and not exercising at all, as is the case for so many women? Anyway, I personally am struggling to job 3 miles these days (primarily due to round ligament pain) so I definitely give her major props.

I am not too pleased by the B of A debit card news. I’ve been happily with B of A for a decade now – I have literally no complaints. The customer service I’ve received has been great the few times I’ve needed it – but they’ve been few because B of A has a great website. In addition, they have branches and ATMs all over the place. My experience with them has been night and day compared to the nightmare that was Wachovia when I was at Georgia Tech. My experience has also been much better than my husband’s, who banks at the local credit union, BECU. Their website doesn’t always work quite right, and they have a limited number of branches and ATMs. Hence, I really don’t want to change banks. But, paying $5 a month is unacceptable. It’s a problem.

I didn’t update while in Maui because our resort had no internet. It was annoying, but probably actually a good thing. Maui was, of course, wonderful. How could it be anything else? Being back in the real world is not quite as nice.