Monthly Archives: May 2011

buck fin laden

I didn’t know I hated Bin Laden until I heard he was dead. I saw the news on, and I had this immediately emotional, visceral reaction. I was happy, and upset thinking about all that he represented. To me, he represents 9/11 and all who died on that day, people who hate America, and unbelievable oppression of women and girls. If not for him, Bush would never have been able to start a war in Iraq, I don’t think. He’s just one person, but leaders matter. Hitler mattered, Stalin mattered, Kim Jong Il – they matter. And Bin Laden mattered, too, and I’m so glad he’s dead. Watching videos of him has always made me sick.

I watched Obama’s speech tonight, and I thought it was very good. Honestly, I thought we’d never get Bin Laden. I thought he might already be dead. I’m so happy to hear he really is dead, and we have proof. What a victory for the oft-maligned intelligence community, and for the military branch of this country in general.