Does everyone remember Caster Semanya? She dominated the 800 m during the Olympics, but her gender was called into question. IAAF (the international athletics governing body) subjected her to a whole bunch of tests and then dithered for about a year before finally announcing she can compete – if she’s treated with drugs for her…

ski sunday

Hurray for skiing! B and I had a lovely day on the slopes today, after a somewhat rocky start. The weather was simply beautiful today – sunny! Oh, I love the sun. Anyway, sun in Seattle means lots of skiers, so it was very crowded and B was very frazzled by the time we got…



According to Netflix, I’m a fan of “Critically-acclaimed Sentimental Dramas,” “Heartfelt Romantic Forbidden-Love Movies,” and “Action & Adventure.” For some reason the first two rather amuse me. I can’t deny it! I think they have my number. Anyone else care to volunteer if Netflix has figured you out?

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loss of payload

Life sucks sometimes. I know little or nothing about this mission, but a colleague linked to this video today, and I just feel really bad for those guys. I can definitely sympathize with them, and I hope I’m never in their shoes – but if I stay in the aerospace industry, I’m sure I will…