Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

on marriage

From the Post, and article on marriage. The statistic of half of all marriages ending in divorce is often cited, but for first marriages, the percentage is less, though still high. However, I extracted from this article the following heart-warming stat: “Just 54 percent of women with only high school diplomas stayed married for 10 years, compared to 78 percent of women with college degrees, the survey found.” The important part of that sentence is that my own marriage and those of my friends are about 80% likely to last at least 10 years. That’s pretty good, though I can only imagine divorce is far more devastating after 10 years than after 1 or 2. Nevertheless, here’s to 2019.


My coworkers and I had a good chuckle at this.

It is difficult to ascertain the value of a private company such as Blue Origin, but if they execute on plan and take a 5-10% market share of NASA and other space business, the company will be worth on the order of $1-5 billion in 5 years. Bezos owns nearly the entire company.

It just goes to show you can’t believe what you read on the internet.