Great article about Eliud Kipchoge. It’s well worth reading.  Kipchoge is one of the true greats of sport, up there with Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Serena Williams.  he just broke the marathon world record by a greater margin than it had fallen in fifty years.  I also love that he is so well-spoken and such a philosopher.  He looks so tall and skinny, but he’s apparently an inch shorter than I am.  Anyway, I wish I could have witnessed history, but reading about it is nice as well.

Personally, I am still struggling with my leg.  I couldn’t resist running the company 5K last week, and then I couldn’t resist going for a short “hike” with a friend from out of town yesterday, and my leg was hurting as a result.  I went running today and stopped after two miles.  I am very frustrated, and I guess the only way is to cut back and rest more, again.  I think the hiking I’ve done both yesterday and on previous occasions is as detrimental as the running.  My leg really does not like walking downhill on uneven ground right now.  It’s very frustrating because in order to run on flats I have to drive a good ten minutes from my house, and I just do not have time for that right now.  It’s already mid-September so that fall running season is pretty much shot at this point.  Argh!


I am a big fan of Serena.  However, when I was reading an article about what went down at her match yesterday, I literally had to stop reading.  I was cringing too badly, and I don’t like reading about people I like doing stupid things.

I think I stopped when I read that her coach had acknowledged coaching Serena but excused it by saying “everyone does it.”  (I’m inclined to believe him.)  The problem is that Serena swore up and down that he wasn’t coaching her, going so far as to invoke her daughter.  So there are only two scenarios in which Serena wasn’t lying.  (a) Her coach lied when he admitted coaching her.  This seems extraordinarily unlikely.  (b) He was coaching her, but she didn’t realize it.  It seems unlikely this is the only time he’s done this, so we’d have to believe that he’d been up there waving his hands around and she’s just been completely oblivious.  Possible.  But unlikely.

Was the umpire’s handling of the coaching unfair?  Given that Serena’s coach was in fact apparently was coaching, it doesn’t seem like it, though if it is extremely common for coaches to do this, then perhaps it was.  This is a really important point because this is what kicked off the whole thing and set the tone for the match.

The racket penalty was caused by the coaching thing; because there’d already been a warning, that turned into a penalty.  In and of itself, it wasn’t unfair.  The controversy arises from Serena calling the umpire a “thief” and he giving a penalty as a result.  I’d love to see some data on whether this is in fact irregular or not.  From what I’ve read, it seems that it may in fact have been, but I haven’t seen anyone actually compile data.  Even if it was irregular, it seems a little over-the-top to attribute it to sexism.  Maybe it was racism.  Or maybe he was just mad because she was so aggressive.  It would be really useful to see data on this particular umpire.  Honestly, if I were an umpire, I’d be very disinclined to take that kind of hostility.  But I don’t follow tennis, so I don’t know what’s normal and acceptable.

Maybe Serena was so angry because she’s witnessed this ump behave in a sexist manner before, or something he’d done led her to believe that he was in fact sexist.  Sometimes you just get that sense from people.

Honestly, though, I found the French Open’s comments and policy change based on Serena’s attire far more sexist.  I thought that was egregious.  In that instance, Serena responded very politely; to me, that was blatant sexism and I wish she’d called them out on it and not been so polite.

There is a great deal of sexism in the world, but I think it’s important to be careful about calling out people for sexism when it’s not clear that it actually exists.


Update – Doesn’t sound to me like the umpire is sexist.  Possibly an overly strict (bad?) umpire, but not sexist.  “No sexist issue there,” said Chris Evert, the former world No. 1, on Sunday. “His history with men players shows that.”  Interestingly, the umpire also gave Venus a coaching penalty.  She stated at the time, that at age 36 it was the first and only penalty of that nature that she’d received (and disputed it).  Same coach?  Legit?

back to running

I’m slowly getting my running back on track.  I ran 9.2 flat miles last week over four runs.  This week, I’ve run 9 miles so far over three runs.  Two of the runs were around my very hilly neighborhood.  I’ve been avoiding hills because my specific injury is exacerbated by running downhill.  I felt fine, though, maybe a little tight, but definitely no pain.  I’m hoping to run at least four miles this weekend, maybe five, in my “long” run.  I’ll drive to the flats again, though, to lessen the impact on my leg.  I think from the perspective of stress on my leg, three very hilly miles is at least equivalent to four, maybe five, flat miles.

I’m excited about getting into shape again, but getting up in the morning is BRUTAL.  It’s so easy to make excuses.  The important thing is form a habit.  Once the habit is formed, it’ll get easier, right?  But right now, temperatures are ideal, it’s not raining, and it’s light.  In four to six weeks, it’s going to be cold, rainy and dark.  Eek.  Better not to think about it.

Goal-wise, I’m contemplating the Seattle half marathon. For obvious reasons – weather – there aren’t a lot of races in midwinter Seattle.  The Seattle half is the only major race, and it is extremely hilly with over 1000 feet of elevation gain.  Unfortunately, though, there aren’t any flat options with more than a hundred or so runners, and I like having company.  I could give the long races a break and train for a 5K or a 10K, but I find the long distance motivating.

Having taken a few months off running, I’m seeing all the down-sides of starting again: less time, not just due to the time of running, but also because I’m more tired and need more sleep, even with a 3 mile run.  The tiredness is really a big deal – I just want to relax and watch TV in the evening rather than knit or do other productive things, and I definitely need to go to bed earlier.  They say running makes you energetic, but I have not seen any evidence of this.

the first of september

It’s the first of September today.  Good riddance to bad rubbish as far as August goes.  And July.  Will September be better?  Who knows.  I’d never have guessed what this summer would hold, and now fall is approaching, and I hope it’ll be better.  The general philosophy of just putting one foot in front of the other is encouraging to me.  It’s just about getting through the day, whether it’s good, bad or horrible, and then the next one.  I know my mere presence is huge for my kids, if not for anyone else.  Life is a lot better now than it was even a couple weeks ago, though I still feel this need to replace what I lost, and I just don’t know if that’ll happen, and I fear going through morning sickness again.

QOTD – Lay down.  Bleed awhile.  Get back up, and fight again.

I’m not really feeling it though.  Only some things are worth fighting for.

I ran 3 miles today, longest run in a while.  The short-term history is that after missing five weeks due to my “illness,” I went out, angry and upset, and ran 7 hilly miles and injured myself.  Pretty sure it was my IT Band.  Taking two weeks off didn’t fix it, so I started more stretching, foam rolling (aka self-massage), and strengthening.  A week after that, and I was able to run 2 miles pain free.  Today I ran 3 flat miles and felt good.  9:30 pace, 150 HR.  Tired, hot and very out of shape, but still good.  The nice thing about starting from zero is that the fitness gains are very obvious with (relatively) little effort.

movies and dance

I watched a lot of TV last month when I wasn’t feeling well.  I really got quite sick of Netflix.  Nevertheless, there were a few things worth watching in there.

Lion – such a great movie.  I high recommend it.

Broadchurch, Season 1 & 2 – Nothing like a good British detective show

Orbiter 9 – not awesome, but kind of fun.  Reminded me a little of Moon.

Safe – a teenage girl is lost in suburbia.  Surprisingly good.

Lost in Space – space geeks unite.

Touch the Wall – love this documentary on Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce (swimmers)

Gone Baby Gone – great movie about the search for a missing child

I injured myself trying to get back into running too quickly, so I’ve been slacking lately.  I’ll try running again today, and hopefully my IT band, which I believe is the injury, will be happier than last weekend.  Running is such a huge time commitment, and it’s been nice the last couple of weeks to feel well and have that extra time to be lazy and knit and just do whatever.

I’m still trying to get L into a dance class.  She just loves ballet so much.  I don’t understand it, honestly.  My feelings on ballet are decidedly mixed.  I like that dance combines music and athletic activity, but I don’t like: the general obsession with attire, the terrible things it does to feet, the excessive skinniness of professionals, the tights – who wants to sweat in tights? and tights on men?, the fuss about the performances for little kids, and on and on.  I also hate that around here you have to sign up for dance for an entire year.  With sports, you sign up for a season.  You can do soccer in the fall, swim in the winter, and T-ball in the spring.  I hate to put L in more than one or max two activities at a time, and the constant commitment to dance is really annoying.

However, the bottom line is that she loves it.  Finding a class is non-trivial because there are just not that many commercial establishments within 15 minutes of where we live, which would be the preferred max distance I’d like to drive.  Of the dance places, many have their classes on Saturdays or after 6 pm, neither of which is ideal.  Saturday is a non-starter because you have to show up or they won’t let your kid be in the show, which I don’t care about whatsoever, but L definitely will, and I don’t want to give away our Saturdays for 9 months!  So, we did a trial class at a place not too far away to see if they’d let her into the 7-year-old class as a backup if she doesn’t get off the waitlist at this other place which is an inconvenient drive into North Bellevue.  Ug!  Anyway, bottom line is that L was so excited when she heard about the trial class, just because it was a ballet class that she got to go to.  She ran around the house screaming and jumping, which is not typical behavior at all for her.

At the end, the teacher said she was fine for the class, so we have a backup option, even if I’m quite un-enthused about dance every Thursday night extending past her bedtime.  I felt like quite the dance mom, as she has her ballet themed dance bag (very pink and frilly and not bought by me) and had her ballet outfit on, whereas most of the other kids were just in shorts.


the ticking of the clock

I am a sucker for all the ads from Nike and friends.  I like the taglines.  Just do it.  No excuses.  Those two pretty much sum it up as far as running goes.  I think anyone can do amazing things if they adopt that attitude.  But I’m full of excuses right now.  5 weeks of no running, and I went out for a 7 mile hilly run.  Dumb.  Obviously.  Not surprisingly, I injured myself.  Rather than call H to pick me up, I slogged out the last two miles home and made it worse.  It’s not serious.  I’ll be back running in a week or three at worst but still.  The want is coming back though.  Immediately after, I didn’t want to work.  Didn’t want to run.  Basically didn’t want to do anything.  I’m remembering what it feels like to work hard and reap the rewards, such as they are.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my 1:43 half marathon lately.  1:43 is nothing amazing – great for me, unattainable for some, terrible for others.  For me, it represented a lot of running in the cold, in the dark, on ice, early mornings, sacrifice.  I want to try again and see what I can achieve.

At the same time, I can’t help but think about #3.  And for me, #3 means putting everything on hold – running, work, etc.  It means absolute misery for two months at a bare minimum, likely closer to three, and nothing resembling running for about a year.  I’m 38.  The clock is ticking on ability to be procreate again, to run fast.  Basically everything physical.  I wonder if it’s as real for men?  For a woman, there’s no denying age.  Menopause will remind you if nothing else.  One of my older mom friends was talking to me about menopause and how it’s sucking for her today.  It’s coming.


In other news, it’s sign-up time for fall activities.  B will be doing soccer once a week and twice a week individual swim lessons.  They only offered daytime group lessons Mondays and Wednesdays, when she has preschool, so individual it is.  (The major drawback is cost.)  She’s been making rather painful process in her group lessons.  She currently has a teacher who is tough and makes her do things she doesn’t want to which results in tears.  It is hard for me to watch, but I cannot deny she’s making progress.  And she says she likes her teacher.  So Bri will have 9 hours of preschool (MWF), 1 hour of swim (TR), and 1 hour of soccer on Tuesday mornings.  It should be enough to keep her busy.

L’s freestyle is starting to look kind of awesome (even if she can only do it 10 or 15 yards), but I’m not sure yet if we’ll do fall swim lessons for her.  I feel like school is such a huge commitment, I don’t want her to be overwhelmed.  Dance is her favorite activity.  I am not a huge fan of dance.  I don’t like the costumes.  I don’t like what pointe shoes do to feet.   I don’t like the ultra-competitive nature of ballet.  I don’t like the lack of team that you have in group sports. I don’t like that it lasts all year instead of just a season.  But it can’t be denied that she loves it, so dance will be her primary activity.  She’ll probably do an hour of dance after school, once a week.  We’ll also possibly do a weekend swim lesson.  And that’ll be it to start, as she adjusts to first grade and gets used to being spoken to in French again.